2020 TREND

Matrix Project for Ethereum Blockchain

Revolutionary Smart Contracts* technology provides decentralized market participants with the ability to directly engage in personal and business transactions.

The Fornage Decentralized Matrix Project's Smart Contract is publicly and perpetually available to view on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Secure and Reliable
The human factor has been eliminated. A smart contract depends on no one, there is no possibility of stopping the project. All funds are moved between participants, no hidden fees. The balance of the contract is always zero.
Guaranteed Immutability
Network nodes irrevocably record and ubiquitously store the transactional history of all Fornage network partners on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Instant Global Transactions
The Fornage Smart Contract works as a payment gateway that facilitates direct commission payments between program participants.
There are no administrators or a central control organization, only the rules established within the smart contract at the time of its creation determine the results of the interaction with it.
Transparency and Anonymity
The smart contract is public, anyone can check the complete history of their transactions. This guarantees transparency of the conditions and statistics of the project. In addition, no personal information is required to interact with it.
100% Online
Indefinite access to the Fornage project is an intrinsic feature of the smart contract. The availability and continuous access to the project is guaranteed thanks to the features of the Ethereum network and the Blockchain technology.

*A Smart Contract is a computer-programmed code containing a stringent set of criteria that must be satisfied before a transaction will be approved.
Smart contract technology is a new phenomenon in today's decentralized economy.
All processes are carried out in an open, decentralized network called Ethereum, whose infrastructure supports such contracts.
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All data is stored on the blockchain, publicly accessible and can be checked at


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repeatAutomatic deduction of reinvestment fees keeps your slot(s) active as new partners register in your downstream structure
walletPartner commissions are automatically paid and instantly transferred to your ETH wallet.
repeatCommisions for each level are automatically paid to your senior partner's ETH wallet.
Simultaneous entry into slot one on the X3 and X4 matrices automatically occurs during program registration


What is FORNAGE about?
In the year 2020 a team pioneered the idea of a matrix project deployed in the ETHEREUM Blockchain, most of the team members were divided due to ideological differences and separate projects have been published. This project bases its philosophy on a total decentralization of the matrix scheme, without its members using referrals, false promises or deception, only the interaction through the contract and joint participation in its promotion will generate benefit to those who join actively.

The smart contract is part of a globally distributed network and its operation and transactional data are managed by multiple member computers. As such, there is no central authority governing the operation of the project, because it was created by the people, for the people.

Inherent features of Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts means that any unauthorized attempts to modify the smart contract or its transactional records is not possible, because malicious modification of those records will be rejected on the basis of data inconsistencies in the previous copies of the blocks.
Is this one the best?
In a matrix system the location of the partner is a key factor. Members who manage to place themselves in the first positions have better returns on their investment because new users are assigned under their scheme.

Since no referrals are used, the assignment of users to members already active in the project is done according to the rules programmed within the smart contract. The allocation is random after the entry of a new user and this only changes if any partner makes an improvement in its scheme, at which point the smart contract starts a competition between its active users. The competition consists of being the last user to make a transaction approved in the smart contract and thus receive the registration of the next new user, assigning it as a partner under his scheme. The cycle is repeated and opportunities are kept open for all project members.

The absence of referrals allows for a distribution of profits to a larger number of members in the shortest possible time and eliminates the factor that keeps most members from obtaining results. It allows that only by interacting with the system each member can compete for the allocation of partners in their scheme.

Fornage has a total of 18 levels, each level doubles the value of the previous one and redistributes the allocation of partners, so users with greater interaction with the system have greater rewards. The exponential behavior is part of the scheme of the smart contract and is assimilated to the reality that seeks the project with its growth in number of partners. With a world population of 8.5 billion and growing, the possibilities are almost limitless. Pioneers in the use of these technologies now have greater incentives to massify their implementation.
Smart contract technology has made it possible to decentralize many of today's systems. The old minority controlled domains system that determines what content can and cannot be received by Internet users is now obsolete. Decentralized Internet sites are now a reality and cannot be censored or blocked by corruption, despotism and authoritarianism in government entities, whose main interest is to maintain all benefits in favor of those who are part of the establishment.

Fornage makes use of all available technologies for its decentralization and its content can be accessed from anywhere in the world in a decentralized network permanently accessible and with an undetermined number of backups, so that if a node leaves the network it does not affect the availability of the content in any way. As you can see in your address bar, our decentralized domain is simply fornage.eth, the domain is part of the backup in the old system of domains while browsers adapt their technologies to stay competitive. At this moment, browsers with native support for these decentralized domains such as Brave and Unstoppable Browser for your desktop computer or on your cell phone such as Opera Mobile, Status and MetaMask Mobile are the best alternatives for your introduction to this new reality and approach to a really free internet. Also regardless of your browser, you can add extensions to your current browser that allow it to support these technologies.

Adoption is skyrocketing and only in the course of a few years the world has seen the viral growth of an improved internet. The fast implementation of these technologies in your daily life gives you an advantage and opens up endless possibilities for those who adapt quickly to changes. The content of this site is available at the decentralized address: QmTCy2UFNZKJ8goKBkqoBTywv5RnDiEQgZdDRNSTajMrXW of the IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and can be accessed at any time through some recognized access points such as:





Or the IPFS itself:

In this way it is impossible to block access to Fornage.